What Your Tree Needs and Why


Think of tree care as an investment. For a healthy tree increases in value with age, increasing property values, beautifying landscapes and the surroundings, purifying our air, and saving energy by providing cooling shade from summer’s heat and protection from winter’s wind.

Most trees and shrubs in cities or communities are planted to provide beauty or shade, which are the two most common reasons for their use.

The benefits of trees can be grouped into environmental, social, communal, and economic categories. Most of us respond to the presence of trees beyond simply observing their beauty. We like trees around us because they make life more pleasant. We feel peaceful, restful, and tranquil in a grove of trees.

Knowing how to take care of your trees is a very important part in maintaining the health and life span of your tree. Not only is it a valuable investment but also provide curb appeal and enhance your property value. Like your lawn, trees need periodic maintenance to fertilize and keep insects away. Our quality trained arborists and technicians will apply targeted treatment throughout the season to control damaging insects on select trees and shrubs.