Preparing for the Big Chill

Healthy trees and plants are more likely to get through winter unscathed. Start your winter-protection strategy with careful care during the growing season and into autumn. 
• Clean out weak, dead or diseased limbs which can fall during storms.
• Remove overgrown branches that are out of proportion with the rest of the tree which can cause the tree to become imbalanced and possibly a safety hazard.
• Reduce damage during high winds, such as broken limbs or uprooting, by properly thinning trees to allow air to more easily pass through the canopy.
• Remove dead trees that attract animal nesting or insect infestation.
• Stop fertilizing plants six weeks before the first fall frost to help plants harden off properly. 
• Water plants thoroughly throughout fall until the ground freezes, ideally the water should penetrate 12" to 18" deep to reach the root zone.
• Newly planted trees and shrubs may need a little extra TLC; apply 3” to 4” layer of insulating mulch, keep mulch several inches away from trunk to prevent rot; protect tender bark from being chewed by animals with tree wraps and guards found at garden centers.

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